HTML5 Animated Web Ads

Sample footage here demonstrates a small cross section of projects I was instrumental in developing. These projects were all dynamic HTML5 animated ads of various industry standard sizes for multiple ad delivery networks. Typically the process starts with art direction that’s then handed off with direction for me to develop. Preliminary asset processing procedure needs to be streamlined when working with upwards to hundreds of variant animation, so this is where initial development resources go. Animation timelines are interpreted from provided documents which demonstrate the various scenes that are to be animated.

Once I have all assets produced within a 1:1 specification with artboard/canvas and HTML5 structure in place, then setting up the GSAP timeline animation is next. Javascript functions are then formulated depending on whether the piece loops on a static timeline or if the animation is more interactive.

In the video examples above I highlight 3 distinctive styles of animation, where one is a standard looped timeline, another is a looped staggered “slot machine” animation, and the final is a looping carousel with pausing and navigation.

Specifications for various ad delivery networks will dictate limitations and generally speaking the size of any one ad usually doesn’t exceed 50kb. Image compression techniques for both PNG and JPG formats need to be decided on a case by case situation.

Once each add is completed, it gets encoded into a proofing mechanism for client review.

krisHTML5 Animated Web Ads

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