Who We Help

The Mission of the Courage Under Cancer Foundation is to provide financial assistance to those battling cancer, that is in a situation where they have to choose between treatment or paying a bill. The foundation would like to help take some of the burdens off of that decision and allow the recipient to focus on treatment.

The Foundation pledges that all donations go directly to helping cancer patients with treatment or living expenses and never to research.

How we SUPPORT recipients:

  • Pay for Cancer treatment co-pay
  • Pay a Utility Bill
    • Electricity
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Phone
  • Aid with Rent or Mortgage Payment
  • Gift of Groceries
  • Help with Vehicle issues
    • Fuel
    • Repair
    • Insurance
  • Thanksgiving Meals
  • Christmas
    • Meals
    • Gifts

Courage under Cancer Foundation policy, All payments are written to the company being paid, not directly to the recipient with a maximum of $1000 given.

$50 – could help someone pay for an office co-pay

$75 – could help someone pay their gas or water bill

$100 – could help someone pay for transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment

$250 – could help someone with transportation to and from doctors appointments

$500- could help someone pay for imaging (x-ray, ct, MRI)

$750- could help someone pay for someone’s total utility outlay for an entire month

$1000- could help someone pay a big portion of their rent or mortgage